Stari Bar, in the guide, was described like it's not worth to go there. My guide dedicated it a bit more than 3/4 of the page and when I was reading the description which was saying "the entrance to the ruined town is through the gate..." I didn't even feel like going there.

Stari Bar - place more beautiful than in the guides

It turned out that Stari Bar is indeed ruins. But ruins very well preserved. And it's not a "ruined town" but something that resemblance a castle on the hill. You can get to the ruins by narrow road with classic Montenegro turns of 180 degrees. Ruins are pretty close to the sea (but on the side of Baru, near the mountains) and close to the seaside magistrala.
Stari Bar - ruins which are complete town with walls, towers, church and more or less 240 buildings on a small area - some of them are so tall that you can take stairs to the walls, then you can get to a small cellar with an old, falling apart ledder (so falling apart that i was afraid to get up on it).
It is true that you get to "town ruins" through the gate. But these ruins are amazing and picturesquere. The entrance is €2 and the "ruins" are open till 8pm in the summer season.

Stari Bar is also an interesting example of "not protected ruins" - sometimes looking through the window in the wall, there is a few meters abyss. Something that is not acceptable as per European Union standards. These ruins would be immediately "fixed", "protected" and "civilized"

I was in the evening in Stari Bar - because of no time i didn't get to go there again. But this is one of these places where I would like to go again and slowly walk around old city walls.

I really recommend to go there.