Rijeka Crnojevića has two faces: first is the name of the river and the second is the name of the small village by this river (500 residents).

Rijeka Crnojevića has two other sides: it's one the most known view points in Montenegro and one of the least visited places by tourists.

Why there's not so many tourists there? The answer is simple: it's not near the sea. But it's also a "very close" point of one of the main roads in Montenegro: between Podgorica (the capital) and town Catijne. But "very close" is usually "too far" to ride off the main road.

You can get to the view point by a short road - going off the man road. But you can also turn few kilometers before (going in directon from Cetnje to Podgorica) and follow the signs for ... Rijeka Crnojevića.

Going down through serpentine you will see amazing views of the valley river Rijeka Crnojevića and it's estuary to Szkoderskie lake. Unforgettable views, narrow road over the abyss. The road is just 15km but it's amazing and empty - we passed just two other cars.

I recommend to stop on the road (sometimes not protected with any fences from the side of abyss) and just enjoy the view for river turns with all surrounded hills.