Montenegro tempted me since last year. Even going on All Inclusive holidays, I usually rented a car and visited the local area. Everyone who was in Montenegro were delighted with it. Such beautiful scenery, such nice people, such good food and such beautiful landscapes. I had to be there especially because of the beautiful landscapes.

Concerns about going to Montenegro

Is Montenegro safe? This is the question that friends asked me as the first question about my journey. Because sometimes people don't know where and what is Montenegro. One of my interlocutors, when I answered the question where I go on vacation, asked directly: "where is it?".

Montenegro is far away. Montenegro is beyond well-known for us Schengen area and outside European Union. Still Europe, but nevertheless the "less known". Balkan, the first association - Muslim, but as you look good, rather Orthodox. I went with my family but on our own and not with the travel agency. I had a lot of things planned: I knew where to go, I read blogs, guides. But:

  • I do not know the local language 
  • I'm going alone, so there is no Pole who can help me - I'm on my own. 

But then I go where I want, I eat where I want (the food tempted me the most, because I always I dreamed of lying on the beach, and when I get hungry, I can just go to the beach restaurant, sit at a table overlooking the sea and order whatever I want. Such a small definition of freedom.

How to get to Montenegro?

In fact, a car trip in my case was not an option. I really like to drive a car, but driving 1500 km which takes a whole day - for me does not make sense - after such a journey man resting two days at the beginning of this holiday. Thus the plane. I started searching. It turns out that, this area basically there is any regular flights. But ... I found a holiday charter flights in Rainbow Tourist Office. They have flights to Podgorica, Montenegro. In fact, from most of the cities in Poland. I chose Katowice. Flight price admittedly was not cheap, because initially costs 999 zł (per person, with a big luggage, in both directions), but the closer to departure, this was getting cheaper ... finally for 1400 zł flew in both directions in three people with luggage. Cheaper than fuel price for driving my own car. But flight Katowice-Podgorica takes only an hour and 18 minutes!

Where to live in Montenegro on holiday?

Becouse my trip was scheduled for two weeks, im my family we made the conclusion that although Montenegro is a small, meaningful will be divine the visit to the half - so the first part is the beaches on the south - in area of the city Ulcij, and then the second part of holiday journey will be to explore the sights in Gulf of Kotor.

Finally, after reading many reviews on the internet our plans have a slight modification: the first accommodation was in the southern part of the coast, but not in the Ulcij (what I regret now a little), but Sutomore (city with very good access to the mountain part of country - with direct transit through the tunnel Sozina to Podgorica. The second bed initially planned in the Kotor or Perast, but the prices in Kotor was terrible - the cheapest lodgings are 60-80 euros per night, and many were also for a 150 euro per night. Besides, we have come to the conclusion that in Kotor there are no beaches and we are finally on holiday and want to have a beach. The choice was therefore the village of Becici (also quite expensive area, between the Island Svety Stefan and Budva). As a result, we had close to Budva (a few km), close to Kotor, but most importantly, close to the town of Cetinje and National Park Lovcen.

It has thus been decided upon - two locations, one week of accommodation in each location.