Niegosh Mausoleum, on the Jezerski peak, is quite new tourist attraction.

Lovćen National Park is close to the coast - straight it's around 25km but to get to the Mausoleum from Budva it's 52km and over and hour drive and only if you drive fast on serpentine.

Lovćen Natonal park is located around two twin peaks: Štirovnik (1749m) and Jezerski vrh (1657m). Peaks are very characteristic because are quite high and they are just 25km from the coast. The second characteristics thing is that from the peaks (especially from Jezerski vrhu, second peak is inaccesable - military earea) you can see all Montenegro - mountains Durmitor on the North, lake Szkoderske on the Southern-East, sea on the East and Boka Kotorska on the West. This view
works also on the other side - if you are in Lovćen Natioan Park and you know the Mausoleum and you'll be later going with magistrala along the coast you'll see two peaks of Lovćen Park.

Mausoleum in current form was built in 1951-1974 (Mausoleum looks like a bunker to which leades a tunnel with 461 steps - it's accessible very easily and you go in a shade and a small wind draft). The tunnel leads to the Mausoleum. There are two huge statues of Montenegro women. There is huge statue of Niegosz inside and a small crypt with small sarcophagus behind the statue.

Great attraction is the view point in the shape of circle. It's located behind the Mausoleum and a short pavemet leades to it.
It's not a problem to get there. Actually coaches do not go there, only cars. There is a bar on the entrance to the Park where you have to buy entrance tickets. There is a round parking on the end of the road. It's usually full but there's still a place to turn around and park few meters further on the side of the road. There's also a restaurant near the parking which is built in the rock (there are toilets, free for clients) but the restaurant is pretty expensive - although you can have a lunch with a beautiful views.
During the serpentine road through the park, you can enjoy beautiful views - on the beggining you don't want to believe that you have to get there when you'll see the peak with Mausoleum on the beggining.

Beautiful place. I recommend to go there. There's no crowds, even in summer.