Montenegro tempted me since last year. Even going on common holiday with "all inclusive" I usually rented a car and visited the local area. Everyone who was in Montenegro were delighted with it. Such beautiful scenery, such nice people, such good food, such beautiful landscapes and such beautiful landscapes. Especially by the beautiful landscapes I must be there.

Concerns about going to Montenegro

Is Montenegro is safe? This is the question that friends asked me as the first question about my journey. Because sometimes people doesn't know where and what is Montenegro. One of my interlocutors, when I answered the question where I go on vacation, he asked directly: "where is it?".
Montenegro is far away. Montenegro is beyond well-known for us the Schengen area and outside the European Union. Apparently Europe, but nevertheless the "less known". Balkan, the first association - Muslim, but as you look good, rather Orthodox. Coming alone only with my family, and not with the travel agency. On the basis of a lot of things I had planned: I knew where to go, I read blogs, guides. But:

  • I do not know the local language
  • I'm going alone, so there is no Pole who can help me - I'm on my own.

But then I go where, I could eat where I want (as I always I dreamed: lying on the beach, and when I get hungry, just going to the beach restaurant, sit at a table overlooking the sea and order whatever I want. Such a small definition of freedom.

What will be on website ?

I was on holidays (or as I prefer to call it: on a small expedition) in Montenegro. No All Inclusive, no representative, no hotel booked. I went with my family, by plane. It's close from Poland and the flight is just 1:18h from Katowice, Poland to Podgorica, Montenegro. But it's a different world. Beautiful (so they said). I must see it. And this will be blog about. I will show you exactly where I was and what I saw. Together with a commentary, whether it was worth it. Where to rent a car, where to live, where to eat and how much it costs.

This blog is a complete guide for someone who want to go to Montenegro (or is dreaming about it).

2016-07-14 15:24:00 WB