We got used to low roaming costs in European Union so we always take our mobiles with us. Some people think in Montenegro is the same... because it's Europe. Even first customer service representative from my polish mobile operator tried to convince me that i can buy great discounted packets to call and with internet in "Eurozone". When i said Montenegro is not in European Union, she had to verify few times and then she had to apologize: there are no special call tariffs to Montenegro.

If we're taking polish mobiles to Montenegro we have to prepare for below prices:

  • call to Poland: 5 PLN / per minute 
  • sms to Poland: 2 PLN / per SMS 
  • call answered in Montenegro: 2 PLN / per minute

But when you call from Polish mobile to other Polish mobile in Montenegro (for example when you get lost with your wife on the beach) it's 8 PLN / per minute.

Internet: 3.60 PLN for 100kB - nightmare!

How to call cheaper in Montenegro?

Best solution is to buy a Montenegro pre-paid. There are few mobile operators. The most known is Teleon, m.tel and T-mobile. I haven't seen anywhere any sell points of the third one. However you can buy first two practically everywhere - even in small town, on the promenade, near the beach - where are mobile points. It's easy to spot place like that.

The most profitable are offers with "turist" tariff - they have 2 week internet in prce which is very important. Pre-paids cost around €5. There is usually €3 for talk and internet in the price. I was recommended pre-paid m.tel but with packet "go plus new" and not "turist". It wasn't a problem as I had 1GB internet and €3 for calls and SMS. 1GB internet is something what i like - i could easily check websites on my mobile, use facebook, check my e-mails and use car navigation. Calls between mobiles cos €0.12 per minute and €0.13 for SMS. International calls to Poland cost €0.85 per minute.

You have to register your pre-paid card in Montenegro.

We found out about it when my internet stopped working after 7 days. I thought it was failure of transmitters or something like that but when calls didn't work either, I called customer service (the number in m.tel is 1600). "For English press 3". Nice man told me that pre-paid cards have to be registered and it could be done at the point where we bought them... too bad they didn't tell us about it.

You can just send e-mal with photo of your ID/passport and photo of your sim card (with you number shown) for address registracija@mtel.me (it was a bit hard to understand spelled address on the line).

They registered first phone after almost 24hours and the second one afrer 15minutes since we sent e-mail. Second thing is that internet works 14 days in "turist" offer and in "go" only 7 days and then you have to top up your card for at least €2 to have another 1GB for another 7 dats. You can also top up €11 and have 10GB Internet for a month.
You can use below codes in m.tel:
*100# - check your credit
*108# - check your internet credit
*105# - menu appears where you can order for example 10GB internet for €11.

Tariff list in m.tel pre-paid is here: http://mtel.me/Binary/81/Novi-cjenovnik-prepaid-jul-1.7.2016.pdf

It's worth to take another smartphone to Montenegro to be all the time online.

Montenegro dictionary

"broj" in Montenegrin is "number"